About Us

Nigeria’s Pioneer Credit Bureau Operator

CR SERVICES (CREDIT BUREAU) PLC, in strategic technical partnership with CreditRegistry Corporation has laid the foundation for fraud-proof, large-scale consumer and small business credit in Nigeria. Providing information, innovation and practical know-how to the industry sets us apart. This can be clearly seen in our becoming the world's first and only credit bureau company to utilize advanced biometric technology to literally reinvent the methods of borrower identification.

An engine missing vital parts won’t run; and a nation lacking a way for creditors to exchange credit and other pertinent customer information simply cannot grow. CR Services is solving this problem for Nigerian citizens, retailers, lenders, service providers and the economy as a whole.

We do it by providing decision-making information; financial and non-financial from an ever-growing list of diverse industries and sources; ground-breaking technology in the form of biometrics to eliminate fraud that solves the lack of universal identification in Nigeria, world-class training programmes and consulting services.

With biometric technology, CR Services identifies consumers based not only on their personal information but also through fingerprint and facial recognition which are unique to every individual. CR Services enables creditors to know a customer’s true identity, preventing revenue loss and protecting consumers from identity theft fraud.

After a successful private placement in 2007, CR Services began a significant expansion of its services through the creation of the Credit and Risk Management Division. Through this division, CR Services has provided risk management solutions that have helped clients with new products touching every strategic and tactical element of the Credit Cycle Model – Planning, Acquiring accounts, Maintaining accounts, Collections and Remedial Management and creating Management Information Systems (MIS). We have since grown our suite of products to empower sales and marketing efforts thus providing beneficial services to businesses that extend liability and credit-based services to its customers.

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CR Services provides a cutting-edge approach to credit and risk management. By applying biometric technology and our industry-leading information and education programs to help lenders and retailers manage risk and increase revenue, we provide every tool to get the job done. Our products and services include credit reporting that enables financial institutions, service providers, employers, landlords etc. to make credit opportunities available to consumers and small businesses.

  • First private credit bureau operator in Nigeria (Incorporated in Nigeria in January 2003)
  • First fully operational credit bureau in Nigeria (Bureau service commenced in December 2003)
  • First credit bureau in the world to integrate anti-fraud and biometric technologies into a credit bureau system
  • First credit bureau to record 100% coverage of commercial banking industry in Nigeria
  • First to introduce credit bureau scores into the Nigerian market
  • Largest credit bureau database of over 30 million records… and still growing
  • Widest member coverage by industry


Our Vision

To build a Nigeria where working-class citizens, entrepreneurs and companies have fast, easy access to credit to radically improve standards of living and business expansion.

Our Mission

To be the premier information provider for Nigerians bringing about new levels of social accountability, trust amongst all parties and fueling rapid economic growth.

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