Our History

Over 10 Years of Promoting Social Accountability


From inception, CR Services has worked in partnership with Nigerian lenders to provide the most extensive credit information database through pioneering and innovative technology in order to conquer the challenge of consumer identity and information asymmetry in Nigeria.

CR Services was incorporated in Nigeria in January 2003. Later that year, the credit bureau database went live with two Nigerian banks and CR Services was selected as technical partner to the Credit Risk Managers Association (CRIMA) -- the largest association of risk managers in Nigeria. This partnership led to a three-month Technical Evaluation of CR Services by the Risk Management and IT staff of about 50 banks. An overwhelming majority (94%) approved of the service, commending its ease of use and unique biometric advantages.

Following a successful private placement and the admission of over 140 shareholders, CR Services became a public liability company in January 2008. By January 2010, CR Services formally received an operating license from the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN). CR Services quickly emerged as the leading credit bureau operator in Nigeria by being the first to record 100% coverage of the commercial banking industry and later introducing the credit bureau scores into the Nigerian market. Selected as one of Africa's 20 most innovative companies by Financial Technology Magazine, our passion is to help our customers succeed!

CR Services provides information that enables more accessible credit to those who need it most. By applying biometric technology and our industry-leading information and education programs to help lenders and retailers manage risk and increase revenue, we provide every tool to get the job done. Our products and services include credit reporting that enables lenders, employers, retailers, landlords, insurers, etc. to make credit opportunities available to consumers and small businesses.

  • First private credit bureau operator in Nigeria (Incorporated in Nigeria in January 2003)
  • First fully operational credit bureau in Nigeria (Bureau service commenced in December 2003)
  • First credit bureau in the world to integrate anti-fraud and biometric technologies into a credit bureau system
  • First credit bureau to record 100% coverage of commercial banking industry in Nigeria
  • First to introduce credit bureau scores into the Nigerian market
  • Largest credit bureau database of over 30 million records… and still growing
  • Widest member coverage by industry

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