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1 Credible credit reporting system needed to reduce NPLs 1833
2 CBN to stop dud-cheque issuers from operating current accounts 1498
3 Bad loans still a threat to the Nigerian economy 1602
4 CBN backs NASS over enactment of National Credit Reporting Act 1660
5 CBAN improves access to credit 1043
6 CBN, IFC, CBAN to host Credit Reporting Conference 1430
7 Graduate Entrepreneurs to Secure Loans with Certificates 1114
8 CreditRegistry partners Banks on Common Data Template 1259
9 CBN flags off Common Data Template Initiative 1457
10 CreditRegistry partners Banks on CBN Common Data Template (CDT) 1514
11 CreditRegistry partners Banks on Implementation of Common Data Template 941
12 Stakeholders seek Adoption of Credit Reporting System 987
13 CBN publishes updated list of Commercial Banks 1601
14 CreditRegistry, LAPO partner to boost sustainable access to credit 1668
15 Credit Bureaus record 29 million registered borrowers 1721
16 CBN, IFC Seek Improved Credit System 1642
17 Chams Unveils Identity Verification Application 1724
18 Chams and CreditRegistry Services partner to boost credit awareness 1972
19 CBN rolls out stiff sanctions to tackle dud cheque offenders 1772
20 CBN to Publish List of Bank Debtors 1926
21 BVN Enrolment to Boost Credit Scores 2212
22 Credit Bureau Data from Banking Sector hits 27million 2121
23 CBN Unveils Collateral Registry to Enhance Access to Credit 1797
24 CBN bars loan defaulters from credit access 1384
25 Challenges of SME Operations 2813
26 Credit Bureaus Record Increased Patronage 2829
27 The Hurdles before Credit Bureaus 2695
28 Experts seek financial re-engineering to bolster economy 2359
29 Credit Reporting Conference Holds 2505
30 Controlling Credit Risk Concentration in Banks 3048
31 CBN Urges Banks to Obtain Reports from Credit Bureaus 2812
32 CreditRegistry unveils SMARTScore for lending decisions 2059
33 CR Services introduces SMARTScore to aid bank lending 2606
34 CreditRegistry introduces Credit Bureau Scores 1884
35 Banks urged to raise consumer lending 2554
36 Banks need to focus on consumer lending for growth 3306
37 Bank Directors make case for Credit Bureaus 3157
38 Data credibility threatens FG loan access plan 2075
39 Limiting Credit Risk via Credit Bureaus 3546
40 Credit Reporting critical to Social Accountability and Economic Productivity 2707
41 Taiwo Ayedun to speak at CCCOBIN Conference 4012
42 CR Services Credit Bureau recognized for innovation 3191
43 Credit bureau strengthens loan appraisal process 3457
44 CR Services boosts banks’ lending with Portfolio Monitoring 3079
45 CR Services records 100% coverage of commercial banks 3048
46 Credit bureaux have brought growth to Nigeria’s Financial System 4344
47 Consumer Identification challenges hamper drive towards improved credit access 5401
48 We don't collect data manually 3425
49 Nigeria not in debt crisis - CBN 3026
50 Credit bureau mull implementation of credit scoring system 3074
51 How banks can handle serial debtors 2879
52 CBN partners credit bureaux on borrowers 7469
53 Credit bureau operators forge common front for growth 2827
54 Accurate credit information imperative for financial sector 3274
55 Legislation hinders credit bureau momentum 3745
56 How credit bureau will empower Nigerians 2788
57 Banks must begin to share credit information 3053
58 Credit Bureaus: Sustaining the Credit Revolution in Nigeria 5164
59 CBN should compel banks on use of credit bureau 3612
60 CBN urged to enforce Credit Bureau Guideline 3229
61 Know your creditworthiness 3194
62 CreditRegistry targets three million customer base 3056
63 CreditRegistry gets CBN Approval in Principle 3052
64 CreditRegistry will improve peoples' purchasing power 2859
65 With Credit Bureaux, Accessing Bank Loans Becomes Faster, Cheaper 2853
66 Expert harps on credit reporting 2878
67 How credit bureau will lift banking, economy 3784
68 CreditRegistry repositions as subscriber base increases 2771
69 CreditRegistry goes public 2825
70 CreditRegistry Accelerates Retail Credit Transformation 5914
71 Credit data will tackle funding challenges 2324
72 Is NIgeria ready for the credit revolution? 3820
73 Interview with Taiwo Ayedun 4090
74 CreditRegistry USA Director lists benefits of credit bureau services 3440
75 CRIMA, CreditRegistry sign MOU 3195
76 Credit Bureau Data Critical 3530
77 Credit bureax will reduce bank loan defaults 2758
78 Effective Credit System Vital for Nigeria’s Economy 2903

Who we are

CR Services (Credit Bureau) Plc provides a cutting-edge approach to credit and risk management. By applying biometric technology and our industry-leading information and education programs to help lenders and retailers manage risk and increase revenue, we provide every tool to get the job done. Our products and services include credit reporting that enables creditors, employers, landlords, insurers, etc. to make credit opportunities available to consumers and small businesses.

  • First private credit bureau operator in Nigeria (Incorporated in Nigeria in January 2003)
  • First fully operational credit bureau in Nigeria (Bureau service commenced in December 2003)
  • First credit bureau in the world to integrate anti-fraud and biometric technologies into a credit bureau system
  • First credit bureau to record 100% coverage of commercial banking industry in Nigeria
  • First to introduce credit bureau scores into the Nigerian market
  • Largest credit bureau database of over 30 million recordsand still growing
  • Widest member coverage by industry

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