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Our Products & Services

As Nigeria's pioneer and leading credit bureau operator, our risk management solutions have aided our clients to grow their portfolios profitably for over 10 years. We provide a bouquet of customer acquisition and risk management solutions in order to support your lending business through the entire credit cycle (i.e. from ‘plan’ to ‘write-off’).


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Through our innovative solutions, our subscribers have enjoyed the following benefits:

  • Perform credit checks and verify the identities of prospective borrowers
  • Stop deliberate default/abuse by reporting debtors to the credit bureau
  • Boost debt recovery efforts as defaulters are compelled to settle their debts
  • Determine your portfolio risk exposure using our Portfolio Monitoring Service
  • Locate debtors who have skipped payment and can no longer be traced
  • Access the largest credit bureau database in Nigeria
  • Access credit reports that are easy to read and understand
  • Access SMARTScore, Nigeria’s first credit bureau score


Our products and services include:

  • Credit Report
  • SMARTScore
  • Portfolio Monitoring Report
  • Market Insight Report
  • Campaign Report
  • Enhanced Search List
  • Skip Tracing Report
  • Predictive Analytics
  • Service Information Packet
  • Credit Monitoring Service
  • Credit Risk Management Training.

Open your doors to higher merchandise sales and growth by enabling customers to make purchases on credit. Not only can you draw more income from customers, but you can rely upon the vast resources of banks, commercial lenders, finance companies, and more for ongoing support. Facilitating ease of access to reliable credit is one of the most important fundamentals to your success.

  • First private credit bureau operator in Nigeria (Incorporated in Nigeria in January 2003)
  • First fully operational credit bureau in Nigeria (Bureau service commenced in December 2003)
  • First credit bureau in the world to integrate anti-fraud and biometric technologies into a credit bureau system
  • First credit bureau to record 100% coverage of commercial banking industry in Nigeria
  • First to introduce credit bureau scores into the Nigerian market
  • Largest credit bureau database of over 30 million records… and still growing
  • Widest member coverage by industry


Users of credit bureau data include:

•    Commercial Banks
•    Microfinance Banks
•    Primary Mortgage Institutions
•    Finance Companies
•    Telecom Operators
•    Utility Companies
•    Employers
•    Insurance Companies
•    Property Managers


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