Retail Credit Network (RCN)

CR Services has introduced an automated credit application platform called Retail Credit Network (RCN) available to consumers, retailers and lenders in Nigeria. With RCN, the consumer is able to apply for credit while the lender is able to render a decision faster and more efficiently using information from CR Services. It’s a win-win proposition: the consumer receives a quick answer to a credit application while the lender can accelerate decision turnaround times from days to hours and reduce processing costs at the same time.

For the retailer, our Retail Credit Network (RCN) Service enables you to grow your business by empowering your customers to purchase with credit from our network of lenders. When your customers are able to enjoy the modern convenience of financing their purchases, customer satisfaction and loyalty grows dramatically.

Remember, too, that Retail Credit Network dramatically increases the buying power of your customers. That means increased sales for your business. And Retail Credit Network gives you the power to process countless new sales transactions at the click of a mouse.

More than just a powerful platform serving retailers and financial institutions, Retail Credit Network is a breakthrough in Nigerian commerce allowing retailers to extend the convenience of credit to their customers, while empowering financial institutions to reduce loan origination cost and wait times from weeks to less than a day.


Open your doors to higher merchandise sales and growth by enabling customers to make purchases on credit. Not only can you draw more income from customers, but you can rely upon the vast resources of banks, commercial lenders, finance companies, and more for ongoing support. Facilitating ease of access to reliable credit is one of the most important fundamentals to your success.

  • First private credit bureau operator in Nigeria (Incorporated in Nigeria in January 2003)
  • First fully operational credit bureau in Nigeria (Bureau service commenced in December 2003)
  • First credit bureau in the world to integrate anti-fraud and biometric technologies into a credit bureau system
  • First credit bureau to record 100% coverage of commercial banking industry in Nigeria
  • First to introduce credit bureau scores into the Nigerian market
  • Largest credit bureau database of over 30 million records… and still growing
  • Widest member coverage by industry

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